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5 Tree Removal Safety Tips

Tree Removal, Mentor, OH Tree removal can be challenging even for the most skilled tree service experts. When cutting down trees and handling live chainsaws, prioritizing safety is necessary. If you plan to undertake a tree removal project on your own, here are some safety tips to safeguard yourself and ensure the successful completion of the task without any injury.

Safety Tips to Follow During Tree Removal

When cutting down a tree, ensuring it falls in the desired location is crucial. Here are six essential tree removal safety tips to keep in mind:

    1. Proper Gear - Always wear a hard hat, safety glasses, and leather gloves to protect yourself from potential falls, debris, stings, bites, cuts, and electrocution. If operating a chainsaw, it's essential to wear ear protection and Kevlar chaps that can instantly stop the blade if it accidentally contacts your leg. Additionally, wear long sleeves and slip-resistant shoes for any heavy-duty outdoor job.

    2. Check The Powerlines - It's critical to avoid getting close to any live wires. Even touching a branch touching a wire can result in fatal injuries. If the tree is within 10 feet of a power line, avoid working on it and instead contact the electric company. They can assist with insulating or turning off the line during the tree removal process.

    3. Stay On Firm Ground – It is crucial to remain on stable ground and avoid using a ladder, to ensure your safety when removing a tree. Attempting to prune a large tree from a ladder can be hazardous, particularly for untrained homeowners. If you cannot carry out the task safely, it is advisable to enlist the services of a professional.

    4. Make Sure That Others Are Protected – Taking necessary measures to protect yourself, others, and your property is essential. To do this, estimate the area where the tree will likely fall and mark it off accordingly. Trees can reach farther and be taller than anticipated, so using the "ax handle trick" to estimate the falling zone is essential. You can estimate where the tree will land by holding an ax handle at arm's length and positioning it so that the top aligns with the treetop and the bottom aligns with the base. Always provide extra space when gauging the felling zone, as estimates can be inaccurate, and falling branches can be lethal.

    5. Get Someone To Help You – It is preferable to have a reliable individual standing a few feet away from you to observe the top of the tree for falling branches and alert you when the tree is about to fall. This person can signal you by tapping your shoulder with a stick when a branch is falling or vacating the area is necessary. You and your partner must have received training in CPR and first aid to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Tree removal is a specialized task that requires skills, experience, and the right equipment. Therefore, it's better to hire professionals for the job. For more information about our professional tree trimming and removal services, please call the Atlas Landscaping and Construction team at 440-728-4879 or email via this Online Form: one of our experts will contact you soon. We work with commercial and residential clients, offering them excellent value.

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