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Drainage Services, Mentor, OH Every landscape has different components and parts, such as paved surfaces, hardscaping, fire and water displays, and ornamental features. However, since they are buried in the earth, certain landscape elements, like the drainage systems, are not apparent. Yet, they are critical to the landscape's vitality and beauty.

Without carefully thought-out drainage plans, water can accumulate and harm grass, flowerbeds, and concrete surfaces. As a result, you must ensure your landscaping has a functional drainage system.

When Atlas Landscaping and Construction starts a landscape construction project from scratch, we ensure that the right types of channels and drains are built in the outside spaces before we start hardscaping and softscaping. If you notice water pooling in various areas of your yard or garden, contact us so we can inspect your drainage system. We will present the most acceptable alternatives to address these issues.

Our business, with more than 15 years of experience in the field, provides personalized replacement services for backyard drainage in Painesville, Ohio, and the surrounding Northeast Ohio regions. The experts will implement solutions to address these problems and stop water from gathering anywhere in your landscape.

Design and Installation of Drainage Systems

We design and install drainage solutions for your landscape that are both beautiful and effective. We employ several drains in landscapes, depending on the design, gradient, distribution, and area:

  • Channel Drains - These components are ideal for collecting drainage from sidewalks, patios, and grass. They aid in the building's surplus water's drainage into the sewage system at large.

  • Area Drains - These primary drains are ideal for low-lying areas since they connect immediately to a much more complicated infrastructure of underground drainage pipes. These are commonly constructed in locations that experience heavy rainfall or where flood risks are common.

  • French Drains - Raised planters in your landscaping require innovative landscape drainage to keep water away from these areas. In this aspect, French drains are helpful. Landscape material has been used to cover the channels, and gravel and stones have been used to fill the space above them. In addition to preventing clogged drains, this method also improves soil permeability.

Custom-Designed Landscape Drainage System

With years of experience in this area of landscape design and construction, we are one of the most reputable businesses in the industry. We have installed drainage systems for vast commercial and smaller residential buildings. Our professionals know that every landscape has a unique design and plant combination, necessitating a range of drainage needs. Because of this, we customize our strategy for every job. Before developing solutions that are most effective for you, our specialists, who are committed to providing the best services, take the time to examine the problem areas and talk with you about your needs.

No matter the project's size, we constantly follow industry guidelines without compromising quality. Our experts provide clients with the individualized treatment they need, and our solutions are reasonably priced, giving you value for your money.

For additional details about our drainage services, please call Atlas Landscaping and Construction at 440-728-4879 or write to us via this Online Form, and we will call you back soon.

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