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Planting Services, Mentor, OH Plants and other forms of vegetation are an excellent addition to any yard or garden. Adding different kinds of shrubs and blooming bushes is a wonderful method to improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces and add grass and trees.

Your landscape will stand out by adding greenery, giving it life. We at Atlas Landscaping and Construction know this and offer the best planting design and installation services to commercial and residential clients. Our staff of skilled landscapers will assist you in choosing the ideal trees for your tastes.

Because we focus on obtaining our seedlings and flowers from the most reputable local nurseries, you won't have to be concerned about receiving trees or plants of poor quality or infected with a disease. It keeps your outdoor areas healthy and lowers the expense of maintaining them.

Our professionals spend the necessary time reviewing all the project's specifics with you. They measure the available area and check whether trees and plants are already in the garden or yard. Our team will then develop a detailed design and provide recommendations for the ideal landscaping plants for your Painesville, OH, property.

Select The Right Plants and Shrubs

More goes into selecting the proper shrubs and plants than simply selecting those that look beautiful in a nursery. The ones you choose should provide an attractive assortment of hues, materials, forms, and dimensions.

While providing suggestions for which plants would thrive in a particular environment, we keep the general design and layout of the garden or yard in mind. We specialize in designing well-defined flower and planter beds, and we can assist you in selecting plantings and perennials that will give the landscape a flawlessly balanced appearance.

Design Aspects We Consider While Installing Plants

We could recommend using separate pots in addition to plants placed in the ground if your yard or garden space is limited. With this strategy, you have the freedom to rearrange the pots and produce a different appearance whenever you want.

Putting up trellises for vines to grow on is a terrific way to create a natural privacy barrier between your property and the neighboring ones, especially if you live in a noisy area or your neighbors' homes are close. Hedge planting is an excellent technique to define a natural property line without building brick or stone walls or fencing. Other factors we consider are as follows:

  • Existing soil conditions
  • Type of irrigation and landscape drainage required
  • Local climatic conditions
  • The plants and shrubs’ watering needs

From the initial concept and discussion to design and, finally, to completion, we keep lines of communication open with you, the client. By doing this, we can guarantee that your home will get the landscaping it needs. We are committed to providing clients with outstanding value, and this value results from cooperating closely right away. You receive outdoor spaces that are functional and long-lasting because we customize our services.

For additional details about our planting services, please call Atlas Landscaping and Construction at 440-728-4879 or write to us via this Online Form, and we will call you back soon.

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