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Lawn Striping Photos

Adding the visual appeal of lawn stripes can make your outdoor areas look more polished and cared for. In lawn striping, a lawn roller is mounted to a mower to create a bending effect on the grass blades that causes them to point in different directions. It's easy to see which parts of the grass are leaning toward you and away from you since the grass turns a darker shade of green when reflecting light. When placed against one another, they provide a stark contrast of bright and dark stripes. Lawn striping isn't reserved for professional sports or stadiums, as you can see here. Your lawn's appearance and health may both benefit from this method, so long as you take the time to understand how it's done correctly. We use the best lawn striping products on the market and handle this job to industry standards. You get stunning lawns with a professional ''striped'' look. We handle residential and commercial lawn striping projects.

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